10 Skin Care Secrets Models Know (That You Don’t)

We can’t be the only ones who see models on the runway and think, “If only I had skin like that!” Their skin appears flawless, smooth, and practically perfect. Sure, makeup and photoshop may play a part, but they have to keep their skin in top shape for their jobs. Which means they have the skin care secrets we are all dying to know! Here are 10 of them:

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10 Anti-Aging Beauty Products You Wish You Knew About

Do you know someone who just doesn’t seem to age? What’s their secret? We all long for more youthful looking skin, but often the products we’ve used for ages just don’t seem to do the trick. You might feel like you’ve tried everything, but it may be that you just aren’t aware of some of the most effective ways to fight aging skin out there. Here are 10 surprising anti-aging beauty products that you can use to turn back the clock.

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High End vs. Affordable Skin Care

Skin care products give us too much hope, don’t you think? Hope that whatever products we buy will erase wrinkles, reduce bags under our eyes, and keep us looking young forever. Obviously, the most expensive products are worth all the money because they’ll help us fight the anti-aging battle, right? But, are the expensive products worth it? Do the products costing hundreds of dollars deserve your purchase? The good news is, the cost of products isn’t the most important part of your skin care regime – it’s the ingredients. With the right ingredients, you can create an affordable skin care regime that is just as effective as a high end one!

So what are the ingredients that are most important in your skin care routine?

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